Community Service

To amplify the tangible impact of secular values and cultivate community allies, individuals and groups within the movement must begin to measure community outreach and service. Humanist Connection is coordinating secular volunteer events to lay the groundwork for a national service program. We will track community service and charitable contributions made by secular people and organizations throughout Silicon Valley. We are working to establish a project that can be sustained by grant funding through foundations and public/private partnerships.

Social Events

Networking Nights

To create an equitable shared economy, secularism needs to create spaces that help in the development of personal connections and professional relationships. By having regular networking events featuring both Secular and Silicon Valley thought leaders, Humanist Connection is working to bring together working concepts with the next generation of business professionals.

Speaker Series

To build a sustainable community it is important to keep up with what is happening locally, regionally, and nationally in the secular movement. To accomplish this continued education, Humanist Connection is working to bring speakers to Silicon Valley to discuss how different individuals and organizations are increasing visibility of the secular community in their area.

Humanist Chaplaincy

Secular and Interfaith Ceremonies

At the core of what Humanist Connection does is chaplaincy work.  John Figdor, the Chaplain of the Humanist Connection, is available to officiate at weddings, renewals of vowsfunerals, and baby-naming ceremonies for non-religious and interfaith families in Silicon Valley and the North San Francisco Bay Area. A graduate of Harvard Divinity School with a degree in Humanism and Interfaith Dialogue, John brings both a deep understanding of Humanist (and religious) philosophy and rituals, as well as extensive professional training.

Hospital and Hospice Outreach

Our goal is to serve students and alumni at Stanford, UC Berkeley, San Jose State University, and San Francisco State University. In a multi-year plan we would like to fold in the Community College system. 

Hospital and Hospice Outreach

Many non-religious people would love to be able to talk to a Humanist Chaplain instead of being visited by religious chaplains. The Humanist Connection wants to extend our services to secular people in hospitals and hospice throughout Silicon Valley and we look forward to sharing our accomplishments with a national audience.